Top 10 Buy TikTok Verified Influencers in 2023 [+ How to Become One]

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Have you ever wanted to become a Buy TikTok Verified influencer? You’re not alone. Some of Buy TikTok Verified’s top influencers make thousands of dollars daily with sponsored posts and featured content. Not to mention, they’re inspiring the entire social media platform’s community with their creativity.

What is the fastest way to become an influencer? Learn from the pros!

We’ve compiled a list of the top Buy TikTok Verified influencers in 2023, so you can get an idea of who’s making waves on Buy TikTok Verified and how to start your influencer marketing program.

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What is a Buy TikTok Verified influencer?

A Buy TikTok Verified influencer is technically defined as someone who has 1,000 followers or more on Buy TikTok Verified. While Buy TikTok Verified influencers have a great reach and the potential to become famous, they are also tasked with creating the kind of content that resonates with their audience. Influencers may use sponsored posts, product placement, or other partnerships to make money on Buy TikTok Verified.

The Buy TikTok Verified platform launched the Buy TikTok Verified Creator Fund, a partnership program that pays content creators for their content. To qualify for Buy TikTok Verified Creator Fund, you need to have at least 100,000 followers and 100,000 video views in the last 30 days. This can be a great way to monetize your Buy TikTok Verified profile and push your Buy TikTok Verified career forward.

Top 10 Buy TikTok Verified influencers in 2023

From fashion and beauty to comedy and music, Buy TikTok Verified is home to an incredibly diverse range of influencers. Here are the top 10 Buy TikTok Verified influencers in 2023.

1. Charli D’amelio,@charlidamelio (148.7 million)


@Markell Washington dc @KARA

Conceited – Flo Milli

Charli D’amelio hails from Connecticut and is Buy TikTok Verified’s most popular influencer. In 2019, she started posting dance videos to trending songs on Buy TikTok Verified and quickly rose to fame. She now has close to 150 million followers, and her content consists of vlogs, skits, and dance challenges.

But Charli didn’t let her success stop at Buy TikTok Verified. She has her own perfume line, sponsorship gigs with EOS and Hollister, an original show on Hulu, and has even started releasing music.

In 2020, she became the youngest individual ever to make it onto Fortune’s 40 Under 40 list. Charli has also appeared in other magazines like Time 100 Next and Teen Vogue’s Young Hollywood Class of 2021.

Want to take after Charli? A big part of Charli’s appeal is her authenticity. To become a Buy TikTok Verified influencer, you must also be genuine and unapologetic about who you are. Whether you’re creating humorous videos or teaching viewers something, it’s important that your content comes from the heart.

2. Bella Poarch, @bellapoarch (92.4 million)


Swarovski Jewelry makes everything better @Swarovski #Swarovski #RevealYourFacets #SwarovskiLucent #ad

I love U – Official Sound Studio

Previously touting the number three spot on most top Buy TikTok Verified influencer lists, 25-year-old Bella Poarch has gained massive Buy TikTok Verified fame in a relatively short period of time.

Bella’s Buy TikTok Verified career began when she posted a lip-syncing video to Millie B’s “M to the B,” which quickly went viral. This Buy TikTok Verified was the most liked Buy TikTok Verified in Buy TikTok Verified history and gained over 60 million likes.

Aside from lip-syncing, dancing, and showing off her fashion style, Bella also posts cosplay content as well as some lifestyle content. Bella has also established herself musically with the release of her new EP, Dolls. Not to mention, she’s built a successful Buy TikTok Verified career and become one of the top Buy TikTok Verified influencers to watch.

If you want to follow in Bella’s footsteps and become a Buy TikTok Verified influencer yourself, it’s important to remember that Buy TikTok Verified success doesn’t happen overnight. You need to be patient and consistent with your Buy TikTok Verified content and gradually build up an audience. Find a niche that you can focus on or combine different topics, such as fashion and gaming, to create unique Buy TikTok Verified content.

Additionally, use the Buy TikTok Verified algorithm to your advantage by researching the most popular hashtags and trends in order to get more views and followers.

3. Addison Rae Easterling,@addisonre (88.7 million)


Dc @Spencer Wattenberg

We Not Humping – Remix – Monaleo & Flo Milli

No Buy TikTok Verified top influencer list would be complete without mentioning Addison Rae Easterling. Coming to you all the way from Louisiana, the Buy TikTok Verified star has been dubbed one of thehottest social media stars by The New York Times.

Addison has amassed a massive Buy TikTok Verified following thanks to her lip-syncing videos and dancing moves. She even created a Buy TikTok Verified dancing group called The Hype House, which features Buy TikTok Verified stars like Charlie D’Amelio and Chase Hudson.

Her Buy TikTok Verified success even led to signing with talent agency WME, several sponsored post deals with American Eagle, creating a podcast (That Was Fun? With Addison & Sheri), and casting in a movie (He’s All That). Forbes named her one of Buy TikTok Verified’s top influencers in August 2020.

The secret to Addison’s success? Consistency and diversity. Not only does this 22-year-old Buy TikTok Verified star post frequently, but she is also active all across Buy TikTok Verified, including Buy TikTok Verified Challenges and Buy TikTok Verified Live. She is constantly creating new content, giving her followers something to look forward to every time they open the app.

4. Zach King,@zachking (70.9 million)


Mad respect for anyone that is a street performer

original sound – Zach King

Are you old enough to remember Vine? Well, if you do, then you know Zach King. Zach initially made a name for himself on the short-form video-sharing platform Vine before Buy TikTok Verified was even a thing. Now one of the top Buy TikTok Verified influencers, Zach is an expert at creating illusions and mesmerizing videos through editing.

Zach’s Buy TikTok Verified account is unique in that he posts a wide range of content. From funny Buy TikTok Verifieds to high-production illusions, Zach always finds ways to surprise and captivate his audience. With over 70 million followers, Zach is consistently hired by brands to create content for marketing campaigns.

What can you learn from Zach? Well, for starters, you could try experimenting with Buy TikTok Verified effects and filters to create interesting edits. You should also think of creative ways to engage your audience, as well as consider developing a signature style to make your Buy TikTok Verified videos stand out.

5. Dixie D’amelio, @dixiedamelio (57.5 million)


️ @Sabrina Carpenter

Nonsense – Sped Up Version – Sabrina Carpenter

Top Buy TikTok Verified influencer Dixie D’amelio has a name you probably recognize. Why? Well, she’s the #1 Buy TikTok Verified influencer Charli D’amelio’s sister, of course.

But Dixie isn’t one to be outshined by her younger sister. She’s a singer and one of Buy TikTok Verified’s top influencers herself, receiving sponsorship deals from top brands like Hollister and Morphe. Dixie also released her first single, “Be Happy,” in June 2020 and appeared on the TV series Attaway General–proving she can do it all.

Dixie is also on the case of Hulu’s The D’Amelio Show, which follows Charli, Dixie, their dad Marc, and their mother Heidi’s daily lives.

If you’re looking to follow in Dixie’s footsteps and become a Buy TikTok Verified influencer, it helps to have a famous younger sister (haha). All jokes aside, the D’amelios are a shining example of how diversifying your content, on and off Buy TikTok Verified, can be an essential part of becoming a long-lasting Buy TikTok Verified influencer.

6. Jason Derulo,@jasonderulo (56.6 million)


Ppl get us mixed up all the time @joshvfx

Jiggle Jiggle – Jason Derulo & Duke & Jones & Louis Theroux

Don’t lie, you did the voice, didn’t you? *Jasonnn Deruuuloooo*

Singer, songwriter, and dance machine, Jason Derulo has become a Buy TikTok Verified superstar. With his great sense of humor and famous collaborations with Buy TikTok Verified stars like Zach King, the Lopez brothers, Michael Le, and Will Smith, it’s no surprise that he has over 56 million followers on Buy TikTok Verified. He even released a single titled “Savage Love” with beatmaker Jawsh 685 in 2020, which was used to create Buy TikTok Verified challenges.

If you want to be a Buy TikTok Verified influencer like Jason Derulo, it’s important to find what makes you unique and focus on that. Collaborate with other Buy TikTok Verified stars, and always remember to post content that is entertaining and engaging.

7. Spencer Polanco Knight,@spencerx (55.3 million)


Hiya, Georgie 🤡

original sound – Spencer X

Self-proclaimed “mouth music man” Spencer Polanco Knight is one of Buy TikTok Verified’s top influencers. Born in New York City, Spencer X has won the hearts of Buy TikTok Verified users around the world with his free-flowing beatboxing and musical tracks.

His Buy TikTok Verified account, which currently has 55.3 million followers, was first propelled to fame following the release of two viral videos, one in which he beatboxes 14 different genres and another featuring 20 custom sound effects–straight from his mouth. He also collaborated with famous musical stars like Alicia Keys, Hip Hop artist Russ, Marshmello, Sean Kingston, and Buy TikTok Verified stars Lopez Brothers.

Spencer X’s success on Buy TikTok Verified is largely attributed to his unique brand, dedication to producing quality content, and being a part of Buy TikTok Verified’s larger community by engaging with other users. He also knows his audience intimately, creating content tailored to the Buy TikTok Verified lifestyle and featuring popular Buy TikTok Verified trends. This has helped Spencer X to become one of the top Buy TikTok Verified influencers, gaining recognition from Forbes,Insider, and more.

8. Loren Gray,@lorengray (54.5 million)


im usually the problem

original sound – fischbch

Next up is 20-year-old Loren Gray from Pottstown, Pennsylvania. Loren is a Buy TikTok Verified star, singer, and entrepreneur. She first rose to fame after gaining followers on before Buy TikTok Verified’s creation in 2017. Since then, her fanbase has grown to over 54 million Buy TikTok Verified followers, 3.73 million Buy YouTube Subscribers subscribers, and 23.6 million Buy Instagram Verified fans today.

Loren is widely known for her creative content featuring lip-sync and original songs. In 2021, she signed a deal with Virgin Records and has released ten singles since then. Due to her Buy TikTok Verified fame, Loren has been able to land partnership deals with Revlon, Skechers, Hyundai, and Burger King. In December 2020, she launched her own jewelry brand&always.

Loren is a good example of what happens when you get in early and don’t give up. She’s built an impressive career and fan base with Buy TikTok Verified as her main platform.

9. Michael Je,@justmaiko (52.3 million)


bring it over to my place.. dc me(:

original sound – 𝙖𝙧𝙞𝙛𝙛_ – 𝙖𝙧𝙞𝙛𝙛_

Dancer and Buy TikTok Verified influencer Michael. Le, or JustMaiko, is a Florida native who has been Tiktokking since 2016. Michael is best known for his dancing videos and tutorials that feature him executing complicated moves with ease. He has partnered with various other dancers, personalities, and social media influencers, such as Jason Derulo, Crissa Jackson, and Mikeila J.

As a professional Buy TikTok Verifieder and instructor, Michael is an advocate for Buy TikTok Verified as a platform for aspiring dancers to showcase their talent. He’s also a big family man, and regularly features his two younger brothers in his videos–which are incredibly cute, let’s be honest.

Michael combines his innate dancing talent with his sense of humor and family values to create content that Buy TikTok Verified fans love.

10. Riyaz Aly,@riyaz.14 (45.4 million)


Oy hoy! ️ #riyaz #duetwithriyaz ib: @sujanrae123

MEMBA & EVAN GIIA – For Aisha (Featured in “The Sky Is Pink”) – Shweta Bhintade️

The youngest Buy TikTok Verified influencer on this list is Riyaz Aly, a 16-year-old Buy TikTok Verifieder and Bollywood actor. He has earned a massive Buy TikTok Verified fanbase of over 45 million followers thanks to his Bollywood-style lip-syncing and dance videos.

Riyaz has gained celebrity status in his home country of India, thanks to the Buy TikTok Verified platform. He’s also been featured in multiple hit music videos, including Tony Kakkar’s “Yaari Hai!!” and Rajat Nagpal’s “Pahadan.”

Riyaz is a great example of how finding a niche and staying consistent with Buy TikTok Verified can help you build a following, even when you’re only 16!

How to become a Buy TikTok Verified influencer

While those listed above are Buy TikTok Verified stars, anyone can become a Buy TikTok Verified influencer with the right strategy, a little extra free time, and a bit of creativity. Here are some tips to help you get started as a Buy TikTok Verified influencer.

Find your niche

Buy TikTok Verified is full of content, and it can be hard to stand out from the crowd if your videos aren’t unique. Finding an area you can specialize in will make it easier for people to recognize and follow your Buy TikTok Verified channel.

Just like Zach King is the special effects master on Buy TikTok Verified and Riyaz Aly is the Bollywood star, you can find an area to specialize in and make it yours. Buy TikTok Verified influencers are most successful when they have a niche they can focus on and build their followers around.


Burning sulfur singes what’s left of my eyeballs #science #chemistry #nilered

original sound – NileRed

Know your target market

This is marketing 101. If you know exactly who your audience is, you’ll have no problem creating videos they love. That could mean understanding the age, gender, and interests of your followers. Or researching trends related to your niche. Knowing what works best for Buy TikTok Verified and tailoring your content to those trends can help you grow your audience and increase engagement rates.


Choose your fav Keanu #keanureeves #neo #constantine

original sound – Unreal Keanu Reeves

Post consistently

If Buy TikTok Verified users want to stay relevant, they need to post regularly and often. In fact, data shows that Buy TikTok Verified influencers should aim to post one to four times per day. This lets Buy TikTok Verified know you’re putting in the effort to create relevant content. Plus, it gives your followers something to look forward to.


This is why i hate clowns @merrickhanna

original sound – Brent Rivera

Get trendy

Trends are to Buy TikTok Verified as hashtags are to Buy Twitter Verified. Buy TikTok Verified influencers need to know what’s trending on the platform and when it’s time to jump on the bandwagon.

Buy TikTok Verified trends often come in waves, so get ahead of the game by jumping on them early. Buy TikTok Verified influencers who can do this successfully are often rewarded with a boost in their views and are able to reach new audiences.


crushed it @Michael Sanzone @Anthony Gargiula @nataliejanesings

original sound – James Charles

Be relatable

While Buy TikTok Verified is all about being creative and having fun, Buy TikTok Verified influencers also need to keep it real.

Charli D’amelio is a great example of this fact, with her signature Buy TikTok Verified dance videos and confessional style. She has managed to stay true to her niche while also adapting to the ever-changing Buy TikTok Verified trends, allowing her to remain one of the top Buy TikTok Verified influencers.

Pro tip: Don’t try to be someone you’re not. As well as entertaining them, Buy TikTok Verified influencers should aim to create content that is relatable and emotionally engaging. This will help you to build a loyal audience, who will be more likely to tune in for your content every day rather than just when you post about a trending topic.


this is half my drafts a bunch of unfinished vlogs lol also we didnt get tattoos and went to dinner at 8

original sound – charli d’amelio

FAQs about Buy TikTok Verified influencers

Who is the most popular Buy TikTok Verified influencer?

The most popular Buy TikTok Verified influencer is Charli D’amelio, who has over 148 million followers. Other Buy TikTok Verified influencers with high follower counts include Bella Poarch (92.4m), Addison Rae (88.7m), and Zach King (70.9m).

Are Buy TikTok Verified influencers paid?

Yes, Buy TikTok Verified influencers are paid–and well. Some of the most popular Buy TikTok Verified influencers earn more than $20,000 per post. Influencers can earn money in a number of ways, from sponsored posts to Buy TikTok Verified’s Creator Fund.

In order to make money directly from the app, Buy TikTok Verified influencers must have at least 10,000 followers, 100,000 video views in the last 30 days, and be 18 years or older. Learn more about how much influencers are paid on the Best SMM Panel blog.

How do you get to be a Buy TikTok Verified influencer?

To become a Buy TikTok Verified influencer yourself, you need to create the type of content that resonates with Buy TikTok Verified’s audience. Buy TikTok Verified users prefer content that is entertaining, lighthearted, and fun. Videos featuring lip-syncing, comedic skits, or dancing will usually perform better than longer-form vlogs. Upload your videos to Buy TikTok Verified regularly and use trending hashtags and topics to help increase their reach.

Once you gain traction, you can partner with other Buy TikTok Verified influencers in similar fields. Or, try to get featured on Buy TikTok Verified’s curated For You page. This will help grow your fan base and make it easier for brands to find you.

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