LinkedIn + GitHub Introduce 40+ Free Courses

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LinkedIn is coordinating with GitHub to introduce over 40 software application development courses through LinkedIn Learning, all of which are complimentary up until March 2023.

The courses integrate academic videos from LinkedIn with GitHub Codespaces, and cover today’s most popular programs languages.

GitHub Codespaces combination allows users to get hands-on experience in real-world software advancement environments.

In a statement, LinkedIn states:

“… whether you are just starting or a sophisticated designer, upskilling is important.

That’s why we combined LinkedIn skills data and expert material with the latest GitHub hands-on practice innovation to release the brand-new LinkedIn Knowing with GitHub Codespaces integration. The new function allows software application designers to enjoy a course and get genuine workplace-like practice from anywhere.”

Here’s more info about the new and upgraded courses, which are devoid of now until February 28, 2023.

43 Free Courses From LinkedIn + GitHub

LinkedIn’s announcement says it’s introducing “over 50” courses with GitHub Codespaces combination.

However, I could only find 43, so that’s what I’m listing here. If I discover the extra courses, I’ll upgrade the list.

These are the courses LinkedIn is providing for free, complete with GitHub Codespaces integration, until the end of February:

  1. Practice It: Python Data Structures
  2. CSS for Programmers
  3. Hands-On Introduction: Go
  4. Level Up: C
  5. Hands-On Introduction: ASP.NET Razor Pages
  6. JavaScript: Functions
  7. Hands-On Intro: Java
  8. Hands-On Introduction: JavaScript
  9. Level-Up: Go
  10. Hands-On Introduction: React
  11. Level Up: Python Data Acquisitions, Prep, and EDA
  12. Practice It: JavaScript Loops and Conditionals
  13. Practice It: JavaScript Loops and Conditionals
  14. Practice It: Java
  15. Machine Learning With Python: Association Rules
  16. Level Up: Java
  17. Level Up: SQL
  18. Level Up: Python
  19. Information Cleaning Up in Python Important Training
  20. Learning Bash Scripting
  21. Level Up: Advanced Python
  22. Data Science Foundations: Python Scientific Stack
  23. Hands-On Introduction: Python
  24. Practice It: SQL Joins
  25. 8 Git Commands You Should Know
  26. Hands-On Introduction: SQL
  27. Training Neural Networks In Python
  28. Machine Learning With Python: Logistic Regression
  29. Practice It: Go REST API Server
  30. Level Up: PHP
  31. Hands-On Intro: PHP
  32. Building Monorepos on GitHub
  33. CSS: Animation
  34. Tailwind CSS 3 Essential Training
  35. CSS Layout Code Challenges
  36. CSS Tips
  37. Managing CSS With JavaScript
  38. CSS: Enhancing Interfaces With Animation
  39. CSS: Images
  40. CSS: Scrolling and Parallax
  41. ESLint: Incorporating With Your Workflow
  42. ESLint: Checking For Syntax and Logic Mistakes
  43. ESLint: Personalizing Designs

See the full listing of courses here.


All of the above-listed LinkedIn Knowing courses are offered for free from now till February 28, 2023.

All you require is a LinkedIn account and a computer with a web connection. There’s nothing to set up, as GitHub Codespaces runs in the cloud.

See an example of how the integration with GitHub operates in the announcement video from LinkedIn listed below:

Source: LinkedIn

Included Image: Screenshot from Buy YouTube LinkedInLearning, November 2022.